About 40:20 Haringey Climate Forum

Imagine electric cars, state of the art buses and cyclists move fluidly and quietly along Green Lanes and Crouch End High Street. People walking and cycling to work in Tottenham’s thriving green business sector. The view from Alexandra Palace glistens with solar panels crowning the rooftops, producing clean electricity. Our homes are warm and cosy in winter and our energy bills are lower!

This is the Haringey we can create if we choose to – cleaner, greener and more prosperous.

40:20 Haringey Climate Forum brings together people, businesses, social enterprises, charities and community groups helping to create a better, more sustainable future for everyone living and working in the borough.

The campaign was inspired by the passion of local residents who petitioned Haringey Council to join  ‘Get Serious about CO2’ (external link) and adopt an ambitious target to reduce CO2 emissions in the borough by 40% by 2020.

Haringey was the first local authority to commit to reducing CO2 emissions by 40%. The council also set a target to reduce CO2 emissions from its own buildings by 40% by 2015, 5 years ahead of the borough wide target.

We believe that reaching this target is central to creating a fairer, healthier and happier way of life for everyone in Haringey. Choosing this future means addressing our two biggest challenges; Haringey needs economic growth, but we also have a responsibility to tackle climate change and cut our carbon emissions too. Doing both at the same time is ambitious, it has never been done before, but it is possible.

To help achieve our 40:20 target the council set up a Carbon Commission of sustainability experts who made 5 key recommendations.