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Whether you’re wondering what to recycle, want to cut your energy bills, find out where to fix your bike or learn more about saving carbon the links below should be of help. A wealth of information and advice is also available via our local green groups.

Please note that the following are links to external websites.


Haringey Big Community Switch – An easy way to cut your gas and electricity bills.

Energy Saving Trust – Information and advice line for saving energy, green home improvements and grants.

Green Electricity Marketplace – Compare green energy tariffs.

Micro Generation Certification Scheme – Government certified installers of small scale renewable energy such as solar PV and ground source heat pumps.

Carbon Trust – Advice for business, free information guides and energy technology supplier list.

Energy Saving Technology List – Businesses can claim 100% tax-relief on equipment on this list.

en10ergy – Local community energy company founded to promote and invest in local renewable energy.

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Re-use and Recycling 

Haringey Council – Refuse and Recycling – Collection times, how to recycle, recycling centres etc.

Haringey Council – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – No junk mail, reusable nappies, furniture reuse, composting etc.

Veolia Environmental Education Team – Curriculum linked hands-on programs and workshops for students of all ages.

ReStore Community Projects – Amazing value reclaimed furniture, appliances and great value modern goods.

Recycle123 – Free collection of any electrical items (e.g. fridges, computers, hairdryers, lamps etc) from both businesses and homes.

Community Repaint Community – Leftover paint available at minimal cost. Paint donations accepted too.

Freecycle and Freegle – A simple way to give away items you no longer need and request wanted items.

Real Nappies for London – Modern alternative to disposable nappies. Discount voucher available.

Children’s Scrap Project – Low cost arts and craft materials work with children. Collection of reusable materials from businesses is free.

Wood Works Wonders – Collects wood from businesses and households for use.

Wise up To Waste – Recycling, waste minimisation and reuse information for individuals, schools and businesses in North London

London Community Resource Network (LCRN) – Network for waste prevention, recycling and reuse solutions across London.

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Green Home 

Haringey Council – Green Home Improvements – Guide to greening your home, renewable energy and planning permission.

Brickworks London – Local green and ethical estate agent.

The following local companies offer home eco-retrofit services such as cavity wall, roof, floor and solid wall insulation, solar panel installation, window refurbishment and high efficiency boilers. **It is Haringey Council policy not to recommend or endorse any company**

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Haringey Council – Allotments – Apply for an allotment space, site details and location map.

Haringey Council – Sustainable Food –  How to make a difference growing, buying and cooking food.

Crop Drop – Local vegetable delivery scheme.

Capital Growth – London’s Food Growing Network. Includes map of growing spaces.

Love Food Hate Waste – Recipe finder, storage tips etc to reduce food waste.

Get Composting – Special offer home composters and wormeries.

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Haringey Council – Smarter Travel – Free cycle training, bike maintenance, organised rides and events.

Haringey Council – Cycling – Cycling advice, information and borough cycling route map.

Haringey Council – Walking – Local walking groups and route maps.

Haringey Council – Car Clubs – Hire on-street cars, vans and people carriers.

New Ride – For information on electric vehicles and charging points throughout London visit.

Zip Car – Pay as you go cars available across the borough to rent for as little as an hour.

Walk It – Walking route maps including journey time, calories burned and carbon saved.

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Haringey Council – Water – Conservation tips for the home and garden.

Haringey Council – Water Butts – Special offer water butts.

Thames Water – Order free water saving devices.

Water Technology List – Businesses can claim 100% tax relief on these water saving products.

Waterwise – Water saving wisdom, news and events.

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Haringey Council – Sustainable Schools – Eco-school information for teachers structured to fit the National Framework for Sustainable Schools.

Haringey Council – Green Business – Information on commercial recycling, writing an environmental policy, cost saving etc.

Haringey Council – Greenest Borough Strategy – Council strategy to create a greener borough.

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