Local Carbon Framework Projects

decc_logoHaringey was one of 9 local authorities selected to take part in the Local Carbon Framework (LCF) Project, funded by the Department of Energy and Climate Change. This nationwide initiative explored how national carbon targets can be achieved at a local level. Funding was awarded for 5 studies that would help the Council develop a 40:20 Action Plan. These studies look at:

  1. Housing retrofit potential in North London
  2. Solar Power on Council buildings
  3. Green enterprise in the Upper Lee Valley
  4. Selling electricity from Combined Heat and Power Schemes
  5. Producing guidance for Decentralised Energy Schemes

They were carried out in partnership with other north London Boroughs to share expertise, create the opportunity to benefit from economies of scale and maximise joint potential to attract investment. The Carbon Commission reviewed the findings of these studies before making their recommendations.