Producing guidance for Decentralised Energy Schemes

Purpose of project

The purpose of this project is to gain an understanding of the potential for district heating networks in the borough based on heat loads and likely capital costs and cash flows, and set up organisational structures to oversee a strategic approach to delivering DE networks.

This would allow Haringey and other local authorities to gain a real understanding of the practical potential for district heating schemes in their areas and the contribution these schemes can make to achieving carbon targets.

Carrying out a feasibility study using external consultants is extremely costly and therefore a pre-feasibility method would allow the public sector to target their resources most cost effectively.

This energy master-planning guidance includes a Decentralised Energy Pre-feasibility Assessment Tool. Together the guidance and pre-feasibility tool will represent an energy master-planning toolkit which will allow local authority officers to perform high-level assessments of potential decentralised energy network opportunities.

Project working group 


The full report will be available to download in October.