EN10ERGY is an innovative social enterprise (technically an Industrial and Provident Society) which invests in local renewable energy and works with the community to reduce carbon emissions.

The Muswell Hill Sustainability Group set up EN10ERGY with the support of a Green Innovation Fund grant from Haringey Council.

EN10ERGY has installed community owned solar panels on the roof of a supermarket in Muswell Hill.

solar-panels-rszThe electricity generated by these panels is sold directly to the retailer to power the in-store bakery.

This process was supported by Haringey Council who helped to gain the supermarket’s support and submitted a successful grant funding application to DECC which covered the costs of the panels. The revenue generated by these panels then was used to purchase further solar panels which are installed on the roof of the Muswell Hill Methodist Church.

EN10ERGY have also:

  • Set up a bulk-purchasing scheme, the ‘Low Carbon Buying Group’, which offers discounted energy-saving measures such as a new boiler or solar thermal panels.
  • In partnership local residents, organisations and Haringey Council, contributed significantly to the Muswell Hill Low Carbon Zone initiative to reduce CO2 emissions in the area by 20% over 2 years.

EN10ERGY’s current projects include:

  • Providing free energy audits to Haringey schools (five in Tottenham and one in Wood Green to date). EN10ERGY supports these schools to apply for the Schools Sustainable Investment Fund (SSIF) – a loan fund managed by Haringey Council, which offers zero-interest loans to help schools install energy efficiency measures and cut their energy costs.
  • The ‘100 Homes Project’ which supports Haringey residents to understand and reduce their energy use through fun workshops, tailored home energy action plans and advice. EN10ERGY is working with Homes for Haringey, the council’s social housing organisation on this project.

EN10ERGY has over a hundred local shareholders – these investors do not receive a financial return (any income generated is used to fund new environmental projects) but are motivated by the community benefits of the organisation.

EN10ERGY sets an excellent example of how working in partnership and community-led action can significantly reduce carbon emissions.

Find out more

Web: en10ergy website (external link)

Email: alan.morton123@gmail.com

Image above shows community owned solar photovoltaic array on the roof of supermarket in Muswell Hill, Haringey.