Muswell Hill Sustainability Group

MHSG aims to make people aware and informed about our impact on the environment, and to find ways of reducing our personal energy consumption

“What we do here in London leaves its imprint on the world”



  • Their Low Carbon Buying Group brings lower prices on the more expensive energy-saving measures and on renewables. Members of the group can receive 10-20% discounts on sustainable measures.
  • The group have set up a recycling system for mobile phones and used ink cartridges which are sent off to Recycle for Charity.
  • En10ergy limited was launched in 2010 as Muswell Hill’s first social enterprise dedicated to reducing carbon emissions in Muswell Hill and surrounding areas
  • The 100 Homes Study measures a household’s current carbon footprint and then helps them to tailor measures to a budget to reduce this.



  • Spreading awareness on issues of climate change and the impact of human activity on our environment
  • Support network for those wanting to reduce their carbon emissions
  • Better accessibility and provision of information on energy reducing resources, which increases savings in carbon emissions

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Web: Muswell Hill Sustainability Group website (external link)